Zipster: End-Grain Butcher Block

Zipster: End-Grain Butcher Block


This end-grain board is a marriage of Walnut and White Oak woods.  The added juice groove keeps your work surface clean and mess-free.  The board is finished and sealed with kitchen-grade mineral and beeswax oil, keeping the wood in good condition and always safe for food.

Dimensions:  11.75 inches (Length) x 12 inches (Width) x 2 inches (Thickness)

Weight: 8 lbs.

End-grain, butcher block cutting boards are the preferred choice of chefs and foodies around the world.  The orientation of the wood in end-grain boards allows the fibers to open up to the knife edge -- this keeps your knife sharper, longer.  As you cut, the wood is able to "self heal," moving back into position after your blade has moved across it.  The end result is a more durable cutting surface that shows fewer cuts and knife marks.

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